mandag 30. november 2015


The Hollywood Show has posted several signed pictures of Jan Michael Vincent. These will cost you $35 + shipping.

United Kingdom/Europe $20

This is probably your best chance to get a signed picture of Jan today. Who knows when he will appear at another convention.

Hollywood Show Airwolf

lørdag 31. oktober 2015


Last time we heard about Jan was when The Enquirer did an interview with him some time ago, and to be honest his health looked terrible. But it was great to see at least he was alive and well due to his poor condition. 

So the question was would he ever come back to the fandom? I kept saying no, but then a page on Facebook called The Hollywood Show posted that Jan was appearing at one of their conventions in October. No way that would ever happen.

So yesterday, someone in the Airwolf FB group posted that Jan was actually at the con, with his wife Anna signing pictures. 

Thanks to Art love and his wife, who attended and providing these awesome pictures of Jan. Jan looks great and you can see he enjoys getting attention from the fans.

If you can't attend and want a signed picture of Jan, you can go to THS's website and order. No personalized pictures this time around.

So awesome to see Jan back and i just love the S2-3 suit and helmet in the background behind him. If you want to see more pictures, go to the AFB page.

Let's cross our fingers that Jan will appear at more conventions in the near future so we all can get a chance to meet him. Does this mean a Airwolf reunion? Let's hope so.

Photos used by permission © Art Love

fredag 2. oktober 2015


You ever wondered where all those awesome scenes in Airwolf were shot? Like Hawke's Cabin, Airwolf's secret hideout, Santini Air or Moses's cabin in "Proof Through The Night?"

Well thanks to Chairwolf and his awesome guidebook you can now check out every location that was used in the series. He even has some cool error stuff that are worth checking out.

You might wanna start planing your trip today. Who knows maybe you end up finding Airwolf?

Check out the link below.

The Airwolf Guidebook.

torsdag 10. september 2015

REVIEW: Airwolf Extended Themes

Initially it was gonna be released in 2012, but both Mark and Jan decided to postpone what would be the best work someone who has ever tackled the popular soundtrack from the 80's action series Airwolf. A high tech military helicopter that undertook various missions involving Espionage, with a Cold War theme. A really good idea, specially since all those tweaking, turning and polishing made sense in the end. "Why rush something that could be so much better if you just gave it some more time?" The sound is so nearly damn perfect that you could mistake it for being the real thing.

Well, Airwolf Extended Themes are the follow up to Mark's Airwolf Themes released in 1999 and Jan's Main Themes EP released in 2009. After years of developing and trying to re-create that 80's synth the original composer Sly did back then is nearly impossible if you ask me. The British and Bulgarian/Polish based lads have fully embraced the synth inspired sound that was first teased with the release of Airwolf Themes in 1999, even that was all Mark. These guys have come along way since their previous releases and they have outdone themselves by trying to mimic every sound, scratch, drum, wind, yeah you name it to the fullest. 

All songs are very impressive and with every teaser they released it always contained a snippet from the actually show compared to their work. Nothing different, except now it's pumping through the speakers in full stereo. That's how great it is.. It's so damn impressive that you can't hear the difference between Sly's original work and Jan and Mark's re-created work. 

Jan is the new guy who was brought on board to only do the Main Themes, with selections from each Seasons, and no it does not contain any S4 themes, which some fans would hope for. His work is beyond great, and you can hear he has put a lot of time and work into his job. Nothing is here is fictional. "Fear no more, Rick Patterson has actually released some of his work from S4, available on iTunes." 

Mark is not new to this, so we know what we can expect from him only this time he knocked himself out of the park. I'm sure all those late nights watching Airwolf, rewinding back and forth, back and forth to create every single, stroke of piano, guitar and cello made him bounce of the wall. His work on the Episodic Themes are also unforgettable perfect.. Oh, and did i mentioned it also features real Cello music? "It must be the man himself Jan Michael Vincent who plays the cello. He's so good at it."

While we now have three albums of pure Airwolf happiness i must say the new album is the best one so far. A true Masterpiece and a must have for any Airwolf fan. Your collection won't be the same without it. 

Even Sly, Udi and Ian should be proud of these fine gentlemen's. 



Photo: Steven Stull

For years i always wanted a Airwolf helmet after i saw Steven Stull's amazing replica he was selling back in 2008. The price was a bit too expensive for my taste, and i think he stopped doing them after a while. Now he's actually started selling them again but the downside is that they run about $1400 + $45 shipping and that's way out of my budget. 

I've seen some kits on Ebay popping up every now and then, but since they are very rare i never jumped on it when i had the chance. The kit also needed tons of work, since it was split into two pieces. For the best i thought i'd leave it alone since i didn't have any motivation to actually start sanding, painting and so on. 

Photo: St200rich
Then i stubbled into a page of a really awesome AW helmet. It turns out that The guy who made it actually had bought one of the kits from Ebay and his building was just amazing. So after being inspired by his work i actually managed to track down the guy who makes the helmets, which turns out to be a sculpt from an actually screen used helmet.. So i ordered a kit and i'm waiting for it to arrive so i can start build it. It's gonna be a long process but a fun one.

Keep checking my Project Helmet page for updates on my building of something i always wanted to have as a kid.

mandag 1. juni 2015


There's been a lot of buzz about Jan-Michael Vincent if he's alive or dead.. The answer is, alive and well, barely.

In his recent interview with the Enquirer Jan talks about his life after Hollywood with intense years of drinking, drugs and violence - a result from compilations of peripheral artery disease that forced the doctors to remove his leg. The interviewer also brought up Airwolf. "Do you ever think about Airwolf now?" Jan: "I mean, i remember it but i don't think about that." 

Sad to see what his life has become

Check out the interview below.


A new full-size replica of the AIRWOLF helicopter was created but Steven J. Full for display in a short-lived helicopter headquarters museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that opened in August, 2006, using a non-flying bell 222 with molds taken directly from the originals used in the show. Due to lack of money the chain guns were never finished.

The museum was unsuccessful, and offered the replica through Ebay. Then it was sold and made a new home at the Tennessee Museum of Avation in Sevierville, Tennessee. 

Latest news is that it was sold to a private owner who sent it to Westcoast custom for a paint touch up on a couple of parts that unfortunately had some issues due to a rushed job by a mechanic. The mechanic didn't use hardener or sealers that made the nose and the pilot door bubble and look different from the rest.. 

It's gonna be excited to see what Westcoast will do to the replica, either it's just to finish the parts or to paint the whole helicopter..

Check back for updates.