Airwolf ended 31 years ago and throughout the years we've lost many great actors like Lance LeGault, Ernest Borgnine, to name a few.. Some of their last interviews will be in the upcoming Airwolf: The Documentary.

So you're thinking what are they up to now? Well you see some of them are still very active today.

Alex Cord has turned to writing and has released three novels so far. He also chairs "Ahead with Horses" an organization that provides therapeutic riding programs for the physically and emotionally challenged. He currently lives on his farm with his wife, Susannah in Gainesville, Texas. 

Jean Bruce Scott is developing and producing new work (screenplays, radio and radio plays) by Native American playwrights. She's actually been doing it for the last 14 years. The name of the work she's involved in is Native Voices at the Autry, and she is a producer along with her husband Robert Colman. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Deborah Pratt is also a published novelist and has released two books. She is also working on movies and does book signings. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Jan Michael Vincent is one of those who decided to stay far away from the internet and are trying to live a peaceful life after a result from compilations of peripheral artery disease that forced the doctors to remove his leg. If he ever joins Facebook to re-unite with the fans is uncertain. He currently lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Jan has slowly started to appear at conventions.

Both Alex and Jean are very active online and pops up from time to time to chat with their fans on Facebook.

Alex Cord official Facebook page
Jean Bruce Scott official Facebook page
Deborah Pratt official Facebook page

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