mandag 22. november 2010


We've been working on a dual-release strategy for a while now simply because the bigger CD-based release, 'AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES' has been constantly evolving. The latter will be a premium-priced 2CD Special Limited Edition ONLY (and will not be available for digital downloads - at least not for a long time - so save up your shekels!), CD1 will be by Jan Michal Szulew and will only contain multiple, varied tracks of the Airwolf Main Theme that the Wolf Pack have requested; Special Bonus CD2 will contain further episodic tracks by Mark J.Cairns hopefully including 'AND THEY ARE US', 'AIRWOLF II" and others.

All being well we hope to have Udi Harpaz' full (very cool) interview as a 20-page Cover Booklet, just like Sylvester Levay’s on the original 2CD set, so it all comes full circle. We hope to release that in late 2010/2011.

Prepare yourself for an another fantastic masterpiece. Lean back into your chair, put on your flight suit and lower your visor, and enter the dangerous world of Airwolf.

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