mandag 15. november 2010


I just wanted to post a picture of my album art of the Airwolf Themes soundtrack i made for myself. These are the best songs of all albums it's like my best off album.
This album art is not for download.


1. Main Title (1st Season Opening)
2. Shadow Of The Hawke / Moffet's Ghost
3. One Way Express / Mind of The Machine / Moffet's Theme / Eagle's Serenade
4. Main Theme (1st Season Extended)
5. Fallen Angel
6. Red Star Test Run (Aerial Extended)
7. Mad Over Miami / Prisoner Of Yesterday
8. Main Theme (Minimalist Extended)
9. Fortune Teller
10. Blackjack
11. The Hunted
12. End Title (2nd - 3rd Closing Extended)
13. End Title (Season 4 Closing)
14. Inn At The End Of The Road
15. Discovery / Hawke's Run
16. Dambreakers / Once A Hero
17. Once A Hero
18. Sins Of The Past
19. Short Walk To Freedom
20. Echoe's From The Past / St John's Theme / Gabrielle's Theme
21. The American Dream
22. Main Theme (2nd Season Minimalist Extended)

This is NOT an official release.
Made just for myself.

Buy the albums.

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