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Season 4 of Airwolf has always been hated by most fans in the Airwolf community, but still there are some fans who embrace it. Recently a German company called Koch Media released Airwolf - The Complete Series on BR, which will be the first time S4 has ever been given this treatment..  I'm still waiting for my set to arrive, but some fans has already got their hands on it and that makes you wonder. How is the quality compared to the former Dvd release by Universal Studios? Well, let's take a dive into the world of HD and see what the fans can expect.

Keep in mind that S4 only used stock footage from S1-3 so the quality can vary often from SD to HD. Thanks to Mark J. Cairns for pointing this out for us in the Facebook group

The intro has been given an incredible facelift, the footage is clear and sharp. They also changed the blocky logo to the regular one.

But you can clearly see that the SD footage is pretty poor even with the new name font. Here's an example.


One thing i found really interesting is that they actually changed the color correction to make it look more like S1-3. Couldn't stand that yellow/orange color tone they used.. Here's a sample from the episode "Salvage" I'm not sure if the Dvd set from Fabulous Films has a better picture quality than the one from Universal.. But after watching a intro comparison video between the US and FF release there are differences.. You can see the video in the S4 Facebook group.

Universal Studios Dvd release

Koch Media Blu-Ray release

Koch Media Blu-Ray release

Well there you go. Hopefully this little post has changed your mind to go and get your own copy of Airwolf on Blu-Ray.. I highly recommend picking this set up and you can get yours at Amazon Germany for 97 Euro.. 

Who ever thought that one day we would see the Lady in HD?

Also don't forget to join the Airwolf facebook group and the S4 Facebook group.. Links to the right.

All HD pictures where provided by Mark j. Cairns.

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