torsdag 10. september 2015


Photo: Steven Stull

For years i always wanted a Airwolf helmet after i saw Steven Stull's amazing replica he was selling back in 2008. The price was a bit too expensive for my taste, and i think he stopped doing them after a while. Now he's actually started selling them again but the downside is that they run about $1400 + $45 shipping and that's way out of my budget. 

I've seen some kits on Ebay popping up every now and then, but since they are very rare i never jumped on it when i had the chance. The kit also needed tons of work, since it was split into two pieces. For the best i thought i'd leave it alone since i didn't have any motivation to actually start sanding, painting and so on. 

Photo: St200rich
Then i stubbled into a page of a really awesome AW helmet. It turns out that The guy who made it actually had bought one of the kits from Ebay and his building was just amazing. So after being inspired by his work i actually managed to track down the guy who makes the helmets, which turns out to be a sculpt from an actually screen used helmet.. So i ordered a kit and i'm waiting for it to arrive so i can start build it. It's gonna be a long process but a fun one.

Keep checking my Project Helmet page for updates on my building of something i always wanted to have as a kid.

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