lørdag 31. oktober 2015


Last time we heard about Jan was when The Enquirer did an interview with him some time ago, and to be honest his health looked terrible. But it was great to see at least he was alive and well due to his poor condition. 

So the question was would he ever come back to the fandom? I kept saying no, but then a page on Facebook called The Hollywood Show posted that Jan was appearing at one of their conventions in October. No way that would ever happen.

So yesterday, someone in the Airwolf FB group posted that Jan was actually at the con, with his wife Anna signing pictures. 

Thanks to Art love and his wife, who attended and providing these awesome pictures of Jan. Jan looks great and you can see he enjoys getting attention from the fans.

If you can't attend and want a signed picture of Jan, you can go to THS's website and order. No personalized pictures this time around.

So awesome to see Jan back and i just love the S2-3 suit and helmet in the background behind him. If you want to see more pictures, go to the AFB page.

Let's cross our fingers that Jan will appear at more conventions in the near future so we all can get a chance to meet him. Does this mean a Airwolf reunion? Let's hope so.

Photos used by permission © Art Love

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